Introducing two new mental health support groups.

AMS are proud to announce that we have launched two new support groups for Men & Women. These groups will be ready and accessible every Monday & Wednesday Evening at 7:00pm. Please contact us for more information.

Mens Mondays

AMS Mondays

A peer to peer support group for men

Womens Wednesdays

Matter for Mary

A peer to peer support group for women

Mary Wilson was so much to so many. She was the life and soul of a party and full of life.  She was a mum, sister, daughter, friend and so much more.  

Like Andy, Mary’s life ended early and tragically as she hid the dark depression that filled her life. Christmas 2018, saw Mary take an overdose with so much damaged to her body, she never recovered. 

Suicide rates in Scotland are on the increase and now as we have had one of our darkest years, we see the rising trend of depression and suicide amongst both women and men.   

There’s a Mary in all of us and sadly, at some point in our lives we will encounter depths of sadness and despair that for some may simply be too much.  

Together we want to make Mary’s Life Matter.