Health Promotions

Transform your employees lives

AMS Ltd is committed to improving healthy working lives and has introduced several Health Promotion Events which can be carried out onsite for your entire workforce.

Health Promotion Days

Each session can be based on a half-day or full-day session, depending on your workforce and is tailored to meet your company’s needs.  We have an interactive powerpoint with a hands-on approach followed by Q&A’s, health promotion leaflets and the option of a drop-in session at the end.

Not only are our health promotion days good fun but they are informative too.

Types of Promotions

A healthy lifestyle will make your heart healthier, and our health promotion days can help your employees to gain an understanding of things they can do for heart health and offer information on living a healthier lifestyle.

Talking about mental health in a positive manner in the workplace makes a difference. Our health promotion day will help your employees understand that you as a company, take wellbeing extremely important and recognise that wellbeing is not just about the physical wellbeing of employees, but also the mental wellbeing.

This session will help employees understand the impact smoking has on your body, your lifestyle, those around you and will provide information on the benefits of quitting smoking. We deliver an effective and person-centred smoking cessation session.

We offer several training courses in Drug and Alcohol Training and Advice to both Managers and Supervisors and we also offer a Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course for your entire workforce.

This programme includes signs and symptoms to look out for in relation to Drug and Alcohol abuse or misuse. The full testing procedure is explained and in addition to this, Management and Supervisors would be inducted in the correct procedure for dealing with an incident that required a For Cause Call Out.

We serve the full of the UK

Appointments are available at our offices in Ayrshire or we offer a UK wide service, visiting your premises. By using an onsite service. The loss of productivity in your organisation is minimised. By promoting health surveillance, morale in the workplace is increased and statistics have shown that sickness absence is reduced.

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