Questionnaire Screening

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At AMS we offer a wide range of questionnaire screening programmes including pre-placement questionnaires, annual health declarations or medication review questionnaire. 

An employer can ask a job candidate to complete a medical questionnaire, but only after they have made the candidate a job offer and only if the content of the questionnaire complies with data protection requirements. The Equality Act 2010 prohibits employers from asking job applicants questions about their health before offering them employment. However, there are some exceptions in regards to this.

If an employer intends to ask the candidate to complete a medical questionnaire after making them an offer of employment, it must ensure that it has a legal basis to do so under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as doing so is an act of processing their personal data. The employer would have a legal basis if processing is necessary to establish an employee’s fitness to do the particular work, to comply with health and safety obligations.

Questionnaires allow companies to make informed decisions as to the suitability of specific roles. For example, if someone suffers from vertigo, they would not be deemed fit to work at heights.  If someone had chronic back pain, they may not be suitable for manual work. 

Our experts at AMS can provide you with an extensive medical questionnaire which is reviewed by on of our medical team and thereafter a Certificate of Fitness is given to the company.

We serve the full of the UK

Appointments are available at our offices in Ayrshire or we offer a UK wide service, visiting your premises. By using an onsite service. The loss of productivity in your organisation is minimised. By promoting health surveillance, morale in the workplace is increased and statistics have shown that sickness absence is reduced.

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